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6 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Watch Time



Even though I’m repeating myself here, these days, the algorithm that recommends videos prioritizes those that contribute to more time spent watching. If you’re producing video content that is engaging for users and makes them want to continue watching more extended than the first time they click on it, this video content is best served. You can also buy YouTube watch time with SoNuker.

#1 Create engaging, entertaining content that viewers can enjoy

“Yes, I understand it! Make high-quality content! What do you do now?”

The cliché is accurate, and if you create and post consistently high-quality content, you will gain a loyal following through subscribers. It’s a fact that subscribers take in, engage with and share more videos than nonsubscribers, so an approach to growing subscribers is a way to influence the time spent watching.

Beyond creating great content, some best techniques and strategies could aid in achieving a higher viewing time.

#2 Create Playlists 

Making playlists can direct viewers to more of a linear experience in which they can be more likely to watch your content (or any others). This is one method to influence the viewers’ entire Watch Time session.

If you arrange your videos into a coherent sequence (relevant topics, events, series, or shows), you help viewers to view the next video during the same session. This will help with Watch Time, but it provides you with an additional opportunity to show up your videos in the form of suggested results on the Watch page.

You can make your playlists more efficient by using YouTube’s End and Start Times feature in YouTube. End Times feature on YouTube to define “in” and “out” points for each video. This provides a seamless experience. For instance, you might need to cut outros and intros from your playlists.

Be sure to show your playlists wherever you display your video content on your YouTube channel’s page or embedded players, for example…

#3 Select the Correct Title and Thumbnail

It’s no secret that a great thumbnail and a video’s headline can bring a considerable number of views your way. These two elements are crucial for SEO. They’re in your control, and they’re generally the first element that provides viewers with an idea regarding your content.

When you have Watch Time – It’s even more critical than ever to use the most effective and precise titles and thumbnails you can. Incorrect thumbnails, or incorrect thumbnails (i.e., bobbing when there isn’t dodging involved) and misleading or generic titles can still draw clicks, but if a viewer can decide within the first two seconds of viewing that they do not like the content they see the video, they’ll leave (which BTW – is better than staying on and flagging the video as false). This transmits an unfavorable Watch Time signal to YouTube, and those that do better will rank higher than yours. It’s essential, to be honest right from the start because there’s only one option.

4. Build Your YouTube Subscribers

An engaged, active and enthusiastic subscriber base will result in a higher number of Watch Time minutes almost from the time you release the minutes. The subscribers have already embraced you, your brand, your name, and your channel, and you’ll receive more of a commitment from them and retain a more significant audience percentage than those who found you through the results of searches.

#5 Use annotations to keep the Viewer Interested Throughout

There are many ways to utilize annotations; however, to Watch time, the most practical use of annotations is to connect users to additional content on YouTube that may be interesting to the user.

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#6 Create Interactive End Slates

The End Slates (or end Cards, Outros, End Screens, or whatever) are a great way to draw the attention of other content. If the video is played on a mobile device, the viewers can click on the video to take action.

There are two ways to create an end-to-end slate that will assist in driving more Watch Time. The most effective strategy is to prolong the time viewers spend in this particular session by promoting other video content they could click to watch. Furthermore, while it may be a direct cause of an increase in time to care for the particular session, the addition of calls-to action for channel subscriptions can result in the growth of subscribers and eventually results in the list goes on (you must be aware of this already).

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