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Get The Red Sandalwood Mala To Connect With The Divine



You may already know about the benefits of the Red sandalwood mala, as told by ancestors. It is not something, that you are using all of a sudden. These malas are a constant, in all sorts of religious functions and pujas. They are also used in havans. You can get the same in Eastern Ghats of South India. They are quite precious in terms of wood. There is little wonder regarding that, as dacoits and thieves are always after the trees. Many thugs also loot the trees and export them for higher returns. If you ever go to China, you will find most of the furniture being made of this precious wood.

Now, many of you will be left wondering, why the red sandalwood is so costly and a prized possession. Andhra Pradesh is one of the states, that face a lot of struggles in guarding the trees. The trees are worth crores. It is so costly and important, as it’s growth rate is extremely slow and it takes years to mature. The tree can be very rare and is endemic to certain regions only. Apart from being used in furniture, you will find the wood to be very useful in skin diseases, the treatment of boils, and to treat Scorpion stings as well. Many musical instruments are also made from this wood.

More About The Red Sandalwood Mala

The beautiful and traditional Red sandalwood mala, is available in a full mala form, with 108 beads. You will get the mala delivered to you, in a precious bag. The word ‘mala’ means garlands. 108 is an auspicious number, and that is the reason why, you will find that most rosary malas and such other malas are of 108 beads. When you multiply the 12 houses on a astrological chart with the nine planets, you get the sacred number 108.

You can practice with the mala, to clear the energies and reach out to the Lord Brahma and Goddess Lakshmi. You should do the ‘japa’ properly to get all the benefits of the mala. The mala has to be held between the thumb and the middle finger, and you have to pass each bead through the two fingers, to complete the cycle. You can recite the mantras silently, and also loudly. It depends on your comfort levels. You can also calm your mind and get rid of anxieties, while chanting the mantras. You must practice the recitation for 40 days at least, to get all the benefits. You should always get your malas charged in your name from wherever you decide to purchase the same. It is said to increase the power of the malas and your mantras. You should always store the mala in a specific place, covered well. The altar or your puja area is a good place for the same.

Benefits Of The Red Sandalwood Mala

·         You can use the red sandalwood mala on a daily basis, if you have many enemies trying to harm you. It can provide you with, both physical protection and mental protection.

·         You can also wear the mala, if you are not able to control your emotions. The mala will make it easy for you. You can keep all your senses under check as well.

·         If you are learning yoga, and want to proceed on the spiritual path, then you should use the mala. It is the ideal accompaniment for a spiritual life.

·         Those who are aiming at attaining moksha, should also use this mala.

·         If you are someone, who is facing property related issues and court cases, you should also make this mala, a part of your life.

·         If you suffer from stomach-related issues like indigestion, then also you can use the mala. It is likely, that you will feel all your problems lessening slowly.

·         The Red sandalwood mala will also help you to improve blood circulation.

·         If you wear the mala and also do japa regularly, you will prosper and so will your finances.

·         If you are meditating on a daily basis, or sometimes, use the mala to increase the efficiency of your practice. The mala has tranquil effects on the mind, body, and the soul.

Final Words

When you wear the mala for the first time, you will feel a cooling effect. It can also soothe the Pitta dosha. Every mala that you get will have a Guru bead, which reminds you of your teacher. It is distinct and larger than the 108 beads in the mala. You should buy the most authentic mala from Holistic Kart, which is getting the best malas made at renowned establishments and they have the best effects on the body and mind, not to mention the soul. The prices are also quite reasonable, and everyone can buy and use them.

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