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The 5 Benefits Of Doing Child’s Pose



Yoga does a lot when it comes to helping you enjoy good physical and mental health. It is the ancient art that has helped millions around the world attain their highest self. The practice of yoga goes much beyond the physical asanas. There are mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art as it helps you connect with the higher dimensions of life.

Have you heard about the Child’s Pose in yoga? It is one of the beneficial asanas you learn in a reputed yoga teacher training in Rishikesh under the guidance of experienced yoga gurus. This yoga asana calms your mind, body, and stimulates the third eye point on your forehead. It gives your lower back a good stretch.

With that said, let us now find out more about this yoga asana.

Child’s Pose – In Brief

As said above, the Child’s Pose is a resting yoga asana that you can easily hold on to for longer periods without the need for yoga props. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most overlooked and ignored yoga asanas.

To shed light on the advantages of doing this yoga asana, given below are five major benefits for you to include Child’s Pose in your daily routine.

1. Calms Your Mind

When you touch your forehead to the yoga mat or floor while doing Child’s Pose it calms down your brain. Moreover, the inward folding of your body with eyes looking backward sends out a signal to your brain that it is okay to relax.

The Child’s Pose is a wonderful yoga asana if you have numerous thoughts running through your mind. Enroll in Yoga Alliance Certification to know the right technique of doing the Child’s Pose.

2. Stretches The Lower Back

If your job includes sitting on a desk for hours, there is a high chance you have compression in your lower back. The reason being you put all your body weight on the lower back and forget to engage your lower abdominals for a longer period.

However, if you fold both legs it reverses the splaying of your tailbone which is a major reason behind lower back pain. In short, the Child’s Pose helps open up your lower back.

3. Helps You Relax

During a yoga session, if you are among those who love to push beyond the discomfort, you might ignore resting yoga poses. However, always remember that yoga is more about creating a balance than rushing into the practice all the time.

On the contrary, taking some rest during your training helps cultivate a habit of taking out time every day to rest from the busy schedule. You gain the ability to control the ever-rushing brain and recharge yourself before taking on the next task. Enroll in the yoga teacher certificationto learn about other resting yoga asanas.

4. Excellent For Digestion

When you practice the Child’s Pose with your belly resting on the thighs, it massages your internal organs which is also good for your digestive system. You should combine long inhale and exhale to push the abdomen further towards the legs.

Repeating this procedure every time you do the Child’s Pose massages your intestinal tract. In the long run, this is highly beneficial if you have gastric issues.

5. Opens Up The Hips

Similar to your lower back, your hips also undergo a lot of stress in day-to-day life. Moreover, sitting in a chair for a longer period only worsens this issue by tightening the muscles in and around your hips.

You can keep the knees apart in Child’s Pose which helps relax your belly. Moreover, you also give your hips a good stretch. What this does is minimize any pain in the hip region and improve their overall health. You should enroll in a Yoga alliance Certification to learn more about this yoga asana.


The Child’s Pose is a great way to feel relaxed when doing yoga. This yoga pose is excellent not only for your muscle and joints it also maintains your digestive system. You should enroll in a reputed yoga teacher training in Rishikeshto learn more resting yoga asanas.

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