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Explore the Prettiest You with Custom Made Suit Designs



Ethnic wear on women adds a different charm to them. The elegance and premium look that suits give women are gorgeous and unique to Indian women. 

There are many suit designs in the market. The market provides different suit designs every month for women to choose from. A minor drawback is that many people will have the same suit or a similar one. 

You will not have to face that issue with women’s custom clothing. You can look elegant, beautiful, and unique with suit designs for stitching. You can come up with your ideas or take the help of a women’s custom clothing service and provide the latest suit design for stitching. 

Explore the prettiest you with suits you can make through women’s custom clothing. You do not have to run around your area to find women’s custom clothing or ladies’ suit stitching services. 

There are many ladies’ suit stitching services online. One of them is CloudTailor. CloudTailor focuses on women’s custom clothing. They make all types of garments according to the way you want them. 

So you can discuss suit stitching designs and give your latest suit design for stitching to them. All you have to do is download their app. They have a straightforward process and ensure that they hear the customer’s opinion. 

Moreover, they have few of the best tailors and deliver the final garment to your location. Therefore, you can give suit designs for stitching from the comfort of your house. 

Here are a few latest suit designs for stitching ideas that you can give or discuss with your ladies’ suit stitching or women’s custom clothing service. 

Velvet Suit Designs for Stitching 

A velvet suit will give you a sophisticated and elegant look. The advantage of a velvet suit is that you can wear it as casual wear and party wear. With the help of your women’s custom clothing or ladies’ suit stitching service, you can come up with multiple suit stitching designs. 

For instance, you can opt for a simple yet comfortable kurta kameez with velvet. Then, you pair it with straight pants or crepe pants. Or you can give a velvet suit design for stitching with a side or a middle slit. 

Opting for dark colours for this latest suit design for stitching will provide an elegant look. Adding Kundan or mirror lace borders will elevate the look even further. 

Silk Suit Designs for Stitching 

Silk has many categories to it, and all the different types of silks look pretty when turned into suit stitching designs. Talk to your women’s custom clothing service or ladies’ suit stitching service and discuss what kind of look you want to go for. 

Discuss the occasion and the style you want it in, and they will help you create the latest suit design for stitching. Here are a few suits stitching design ideas with silk:  A dark tussar silk suit with palazzo pants, a jacquard silk suit with zari embroidery, or an Anarkali suit with zari Resham embroidery. Silk suits will make you look ravishing. 

Cotton Suit Designs for Stitching 

You can explore a lot with cotton suit stitching designs. With the help of your women’s custom clothing service or ladies’ suit stitching service, you can go for simple cotton suit designs for stitching to a heavy work cotton suit. 

For example, you can go for a printed cotton suit, a suit with embroidery, a white with golden print cotton Anarkali suit, or a plain cotton suit with straight pants. Cotton suits are comfy yet stylish. 

There are different types of cuts that you can opt for. You can go for:

  • A-line suit design for stitching with dark colour, printed, or simple embroidery work.
  • An asymmetric suit stitching design. You can opt for rayon, cotton, and cotton silk as fabric options in asymmetric suits. Asymmetric suits give a stylish and playful look. 
  • Another latest suit design for stitching is the flared look. A flared look will give your suit a bit of a western look. You can pair this suit design with palazzos, straight pants, afghani pants, or leggings. 

These are a few ideas. The best thing to do is sit with your women’s custom clothing service or ladies’ suit stitching service and have a clear conversation with them. Tell them your needs and wants for the latest suit design for stitching you are going for. 

They will be able to assist you with the designs, fabrics, and patterns. Suits can never go out of style. You can wear them for any event or occasion. Now, get your suit stitching designs ready and look the prettiest in the crowd.

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